Why Spring Is The Ideal Time For A New Driveway

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New Driveway This Spring?

Spring is the season of new beginnings and inspires us all to make changes in our lives.

For homeowners, this season brings around an opportunity to improve their homes and finally make the changes they have been desiring for so long.

There are lots of home improvement jobs you can tackle in this time of renewal, with one of the best being laying a new driveway. Speak to M&M Driveways your driveway installer expert about the best time to lay a new driveway and your next steps to making it a reality.

In this guide, we are sharing some of the reasons why spring is the perfect time for driveway installations so it is time to finally put things in motion.

Better Working Conditions

Spring marks the end of the dark days and freezing temperatures of winter, making it more appealing to get outside and work.

The gentler weather of spring also makes it easier for contractors to perform driveway installations, allowing the project to take form quickly.

With more daylight hours and warmer temperatures, outdoor labour is easily done so you can expect to see quicker results.

Optimum Curing Conditions

As well as making it easier for the manual labour of laying a driveway to be done, spring also offers ideal curing conditions for the materials.

Moderate temperatures are crucial to establishing a durable and lasting driveway, and the season of bloom provides this. The higher temperatures and drier weather create the optimum curing conditions for asphalt and concrete, ensuring your driveway will be set solidly when laid at this time.

Reduced Risk Of Rain

Spring is a considerably drier season than any other and this is perfect for laying a new driveway.

Rainfall will disrupt the installation process and could potentially ruin freshly laid concrete, causing lasting issues with your driveway. During this time of changing weather, rainfall is less frequent and therefore less likely to interfere with laying a driveway, offering more time for it to settle before use.

Quicker Completion

Due to the optimal climate that spring provides for laying a driveway, you do not have to wait as long to see the results.

Without interference from the weather, the installation process can be completed quickly and homeowners can use their new driveways quicker than they may have expected.

Improved Curb Appeal For Warmer Weather

Spring can often feel like a short season before the weather becomes constantly hot and sunny. For those wanting a new driveway installed, this period before the summer months is ideal because it ensures your home is in top shape for entertaining.

With a new driveway and increased curb appeal, your summer can be filled with garden parties, barbeques and outdoor events that welcome people into your home. You do not have to be embarrassed or worry about what people will think of your home once your new driveway is installed because it will be beautiful.

Impress your friends and family this summer with a stunning driveway that has been installed ahead of time.


If you have been considering home improvements such as laying a new driveway, then now is the perfect time to get started. Spring is a beautiful season of fresh starts, making it an ideal time for home improvements to bloom alongside nature. 

Installing a driveway requires dedicated manual labour and dry working conditions, both of which can be found in spring. The lighter days and the warmer temperatures create ideal curing conditions for concrete driveways, allowing work to be completed quickly.

You can enter the summer months with a stunning driveway fit for entertaining and a rejuvenated love for your home.

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