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When installing a driveway, the initial stage involves planning and preparing the designated area. This encompasses ground levelling, marking boundaries, removing debris and vegetation, and ensuring proper drainage for efficient water runoff.

It is also crucial to verify local regulations and acquire any mandatory permits prior to commencing work. Once these preparations are finalised, you can start placing the foundation materials like gravel or crushed stone.

In order to maintain the appearance and functionality of your driveway, regular maintenance is crucial. This does vary based on the material you’ve selected, but as a general rule, regular debris removal and periodic driveway resealing are recommended.

This helps safeguard against weathering, damage, and wear and tear. Lastly, it is important to ensure that your driveway has the correct grading to facilitate efficient water drainage.

If a new driveway has adequate drainage in place, with water flowing towards a permeable surface for effective drainage, planning permission may not be necessary.

We would advise you to get in touch with your local council planning office for precise details on planning permission and its verification.

The duration required for the driveway installation varies based on the project’s size, type, and level of complexity.

Typically, a simple driveway made with basic materials and without any drainage systems or intricate edging would usually take a few days, while more intricate projects may take longer to complete.

Before commencing work, it is advisable to have a discussion with us regarding your specific requirements. This will allow us to determine a suitable timeframe.

Resin driveways offer the benefit of being extremely durable and requiring minimal maintenance in contrast to materials such as concrete and gravel. This means that frequent cleaning or sealing is unnecessary. Additionally, they are resistant to cracks and potholes, guaranteeing a durable and seamless surface.

Homeowners have the flexibility to tailor the appearance of their driveway to suit their personal style, thanks to the wide range of design and colour options available with these driveways.

Resin driveways also have a permeable surface that allows water to drain through instead of pooling on the surface. This reduces the risk of flooding and water damage.

Yes, it is possible to fix damaged driveways. The necessary repairs will vary depending on the severity of the damage.

For minor issues, you can address cracks and potholes by applying an appropriate material such as asphalt or concrete. If you need more substantial work, like replacing entire sections of your driveway, our skilled team are always happy to help.

In some cases instead of opting for repair work, you may consider resurfacing your driveway with a different material to revive its appearance and functionality.

To effectively prevent weeds, opt for a driveway constructed using permeable paving materials like resin, gravel, or permeable concrete.
These materials enable water to permeate through them instead of pooling on the surface, preventing the creation of a weed-friendly environment.

If you go for a non-permeable material like asphalt or concrete, it’s crucial to install a sturdy membrane underneath to prevent weed growth through potential cracks or gaps that may develop over time.

Furthermore, carrying out regular maintenance tasks like frequent weeding and de-mossing will aid in preserving your driveway and preventing the growth of weeds.

Additionally, you may want to consider placing an edging material along the edges of your driveway. This will help create a clear boundary between the grass and the driveway. This will aid in the prevention of weeds encroaching onto your driveway and also in keeping the surface free from grass or other vegetation growth.

Once the driveway or patio is completed, we will mark it off to prevent any use. We will let you know when you can start using your new driveway or patio. Generally, it takes approximately 24-48 hours. However, for each specific project, we will offer tailored guidance.

With over 20 years of industry leadership, M&M Driveways boasts extensive expertise in driveway installation and repair. Our team consists of skilled and knowledgeable staff members who will be with you throughout the process, from planning to completion.

Our goal is to ensure that your new driveway perfectly meets all of your requirements. Moreover, we provide competitive pricing while maintaining high standards of quality and customer service.

Our team is dedicated to delivering a dependable and trustworthy service, offering exceptional products at reasonable prices. This ensures our customers can have confidence in their investment and be assured of satisfaction. M&M Driveways is here to offer you professional guidance and support for all your driveway requirements.

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