Landscaping Features That Add Value To Your Home


It’s no secret that landscaping is a key element in curating the image and worth of your home, but which features provide the most significant return on investment?

In this detailed guide, we walk through landscaping strategies designed to not just elevate the beauty and functionality of your outdoor living spaces, but also enhance the market value of your property.

Whether you’re looking to sell or simply want to ensure your home is a wise and valuable asset, these landscaping features are worth exploring.

Creating an Inviting Entrance

First impressions count, and with homes, this couldn’t be more true. The entryway to your home is the physical beginning point of someone’s experience, and it’s here that you want to set a welcoming and captivating tone. To achieve this, consider the following:

Paths and Walkways

Cracked or overgrown paths can give the impression of neglect, while a carefully designed, well-maintained paved walkway serves as a unifying aspect of your landscaping. Material choices range from classic brick to contemporary slate, each providing its own charm and style.


Strategically positioned, ambient lighting along walkways and near the entrance can make a massive difference, especially on darker evenings. Low-voltage LED lights are energy-efficient and create a warm, inviting atmosphere that can guide your guests safely to your door.

Accent Features

Small water features or sculptures placed at the front entrance are ideal focal points. If considering sculptures, be mindful to select pieces that complement the size and style of your home.

Outdoor Entertainment Areas

The idea of extending our living space beyond the confines of our homes is an appealing one. Outdoor entertainment areas have become key selling points for many prospective homebuyers. Focus on:

The Patio or Deck

A well-constructed and well-maintained outdoor living area, whether it’s a stone patio or a wooden deck, is a significant contributor to a home’s resale value and desirability. Ensure it’s sturdy, spacious, and looks out onto a focal point in the garden layout.

Cooking Spaces

Outdoor kitchens continue to be a hot trend. These areas often include a barbecue, countertop space, and sometimes even a pizza oven, making them a functional investment.

Gathering Spaces

Quality outdoor furniture arranged around a fire pit or other gathering feature can help potential buyers envision how they might enjoy the space. Cozy seating arrangements or integrated benches around a fire element can make an area feel warm and communal.

Water and Fire Features

Ponds and Fountains

Water features provide tranquillity and can be a focal point in your garden. A well-designed pond or fountain can also serve as a habitat for local wildlife or as a venue for ornamental fish, introducing another layer of charm to your outdoor space.

Fire Pits and Fireplaces

As with water features, fire creates a powerful aesthetic and can extend the usability of your outdoor living area into the cooler months. Built-in fire pits or fireplaces give a strong design statement and transform an outdoor space into a cosy retreat.

Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainable landscaping not only reduces maintenance costs but also signals to potential buyers that the property has been thoughtfully cared for and is eco-friendly.

Native Plants and Drought-Resistant Vegetation

Incorporating native plants and drought-resistant species not only helps conserve water but also requires less maintenance. These plants are often hardier and better equipped to handle local conditions, which can make your garden look better maintained and healthier.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rain barrels or a full-scale rainwater harvesting system can be an effective way to manage water usage. Systems that are aesthetic and integrate well with your garden design could be an attractive sustainable solution for potential buyers.

Permeable Surfaces

Consider replacing some of your hardscape—such as portions of your driveway, or walkways—with permeable pavers. This allows rainwater to naturally penetrate the ground, which can help control run-off, manage erosion, and minimise the need for irrigation.

Seasonal Interest

A garden that looks good all year-round is a bonus, but more importantly, you want to capture interest in every season. This can be achieved through a strategic mix of trees, shrubs, and perennials that bloom at different times, as well as seasonal garden decor.

Winter Interest

Evergreens provide structure through the colder months. A garden accented with sculptural elements like trellises, arches, and arbours can create visual appeal even when plants are dormant.

Spring and Summer Blooms

Mass plantings of flowering shrubs or perennials can create a vibrant, colourful space. Container gardens can be changed seasonally to add variety. Hanging baskets and window boxes can make a powerful statement and are easy to maintain.

Fall Foliage

The changing colours of autumn foliage are a favourite for many. If your garden includes trees, the shades of red, orange, and gold can create a stunning display. Pair this with plants that flower in the fall to truly make your garden come alive during the changing season.

Proper Maintenance

Above all, regular maintenance is the secret ingredient to any landscaping feature’s longevity and retaining its investment value.

Consistent Care

Weeding, watering, and ensuring that plantings are properly pruned are essential. Deadheading flowers, fertilising, and mulching when necessary also contribute to a well-kept look.

Pest Control

Regular checks and swift action against pests helps to prevent the unsightly damage they can cause.

Seasonal Cleaning

Making sure that water features are operating properly, outdoor furniture is cleaned and stored during harsh weather, and pathways are kept clear throughout the seasons will not only extend their life but also ensure they are always ready to be admired.

The Bottom Line

Landscaping isn’t just about aesthetics; each feature you choose to include in your home’s outdoor space is an opportunity to add value and character.

Keep investing in your landscape, and it will continue to reward you for years to come. So why wait? Start planning your dream outdoor space today!
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