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Artificial Grass Installer

Artificial Grass is pet safe and child friendly, making it a very practical option and viable alternative. It also won’t dry out or get water logged, and looks just like the real thing.

Alongside this, artificial grass is ideal of people with pollen allergies, making it easier for everyone to get out in the garden and enjoy your outdoor space.

One of the biggest benefits to having artificial grass is just how easy it is. You don’t have to worry about watering and you can even have it in shaded areas where the real thing would struggle to grow.

You don’t have to put down pesticides or fertilisers to keep it looking great and also don’t need to worry about a hosepipe ban either.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

  • Removes the need for harmful pesticides, herbicides and biocides
  • Reduces water usage
  • Pet safe and child friendly
  • Stain and fade resistant too
  • Looks stunning all year round, regardless of the weather

Installation of Artificial Grass

The first step is to choose the type of artificial grass that best suits your particular needs and budget.

Once you have selected the grass you want to install, it is important to ensure the area where you plan to install it has been properly prepared. This includes clearing away any debris or vegetation and making sure the surface is level and even.

The next step in the installation process involves laying out a thin layer of drainage aggregate, which allows water to drain more efficiently from the artificial turf surface.

After this base layer has been put down, an adhesive can be applied along its edges that will help secure the turf in place once it’s installed. The artificial turf is next rolled out and cut to size, with the seams being secured with a specialised tape.

Once the turf has been secured in place, it’s important to make sure the surface is even and there are no bumps or other irregularities that could affect its performance. A rubber shock pad can then be installed underneath the artificial grass, which helps to provide cushioning while also reducing noise when walked upon.

Finally, any additional accessories like border edging or infill material can be added as desired.

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